Madhusudhan, allegedly murdered his wife, also a softwareengineer, following a quarrel late last night, in J P Nagar, DCP (South) Revanna told reporters.

A software engineer allegedly stabbed his wife to death and then committed suicide by jumping from their 13-floor residence near here, a top police official said on Saturday.

Madhusudhan, allegedly murdered his wife, also a softwareengineer, following a quarrel late last night, in J P Nagar, DCP (South) Revanna told reporters.

In a fit of rage, Madhusudhan took out a knife and stabbed his wife all over the body and then wanted to end his life by hanging from the ceiling fan, but failed as the rope broke, Revanna said.

Thereafter, he tried to set himself ablaze with kerosene, but that also failed as he was unable to find a match-stick and ultimately he jumped to death from their 13th floor flat, he said.

When the incident took place, their six-year-old daughter was at her grand-parents house in the same locality, Revanna said.

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Techie kills wife, jumps off 13th floor in Bangalore

NGALORE: A senior software engineer fatally stabbed his techie-wife and jumped to death from their 13-floor flat in JP Nagar VI Phase, late Friday night.
Police said Madhusudan, 36, was employed with an MNC, and his wife of seven years, Roopa, 32, was a senior software engineer with a private firm. The couple is survived by their daughter Surabhi, 6. Their marriage was going through a troubled phase, police said.

The family resided in a 13-floor flat of Sobha Tulip in JP Nagar VI Phase.

According to details available, Madhusudan is said to have dropped Surabhi at his parents' house, some 200 yards away from the complex, on Friday evening . He then headed to his wife's office and had a bitter argument with her.

The duo then visited Roopa's parents in JP Nagar II Phase, as it was her father's birthday. Madhusudan and Roopa returned together. In the flat, they continued to trade words, police said, quoting neighbours.

Between 10pm and 10.30pm, Madhusudan, in a fit of rage, took out a knife and stabbed Roopa on her face, chest, hands and stomach . Then he ended his life.
After 2 failed attempts to kill himself, techie jumps to death

After confirming she was dead, he attempted to commit suicide first by hanging himself from the ceiling fan. But the rope snapped. Madhusudan then rushed into the kitchen and doused himself with kerosene. He then headed to the balcony and jumped to his death, police sources said.

They said the couple had a nasty fight as the entire flat had been turned upside down, and household material was littered around. Police suspect Madhusudan may have looked around for a matchbox after dousing himself with kerosene. Unable to get it, he then went to the balcony.

The apartment security staff informed JP Nagar police about the tragedy. Senior police officials who rushed to the spot were yet to ascertain the reason for their marital dispute. They said it will take a while to find out the number of times Madhusudan stabbed his wife.

Police said the parents of both Madhu and Roopa arrived at the apartment around midnight. Shocked by the turn of events, they were in no position to talk.

Roopa's father is a retired bank manager and JP Nagar II Phase resident. Madhusudan's father was a former co-operative bank employee. Relatives told police Madhusudan was short-tempered , which created a lot of tension between the couple.

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