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Crime Patrol: Techie kills wife and jumps to death from 13th floor in Bangalore (Episode 758 - 14th January, 2017)

A senior software engineer in Bangalore fatally stabbed his wife, who was also a senior software engineer, and then jumped to his death from their 13-floor apartment on Friday night. The couple had been married for seven years and had a daughter. According to police, their marriage was going through a troubled phase. Madhusudan, the husband, dropped off their daughter at his parents' house before heading to his wife's office where he had a bitter argument with her.

They then visited Roopa's parents, and upon returning home, continued to argue. Madhusudan stabbed Roopa on her face, chest, hands, and stomach, before attempting to commit suicide first by hanging himself from the ceiling fan, which snapped, and then by dousing himself with kerosene and jumping from the balcony. The reason for their marital dispute is yet to be ascertained, and it is suspected that Madhusudan may have been short-tempered, which created a lot of tension between the couple.

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