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Crime Patrol: Teacher arrested for killing woman, her four kin in MP (Episode 760 - 21st January, 2017)

Ritesh Dixit was a 25-year-old tuition teacher who was arrested for killing Reena Shukla, her daughter, and three of her relatives in Madhya Pradesh. According to the police, Ritesh had an affair with Reena, who was a widow, and the killing was the result of this relationship. Ritesh confessed that he used to visit Reena at midnight when her nieces and nephew were asleep, and they used to give the children drug-laden drinks to make them sleep. On the night of May 13, Golu, Reena's nephew, woke up and saw Ritesh and Reena together, and the duo stuffed a cloth in his mouth and bundled him in a room.

When Reena's daughter and nieces got up, Ritesh strangulated Chhavi to death and then stabbed Ambika, Mahima, and Reena to death. The police were able to reach the accused with the help of the mobile phone call details of Reena, which revealed that Ritesh and Reena used to talk for hours with each other during the night. Ritesh was remanded to three days of police custody, and the knife used in the killing is yet to be recovered. The incident shook the entire district, and people demanded strict action against Ritesh.

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