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Crime Patrol: Delhi: Kidnapped makeup artist rescued, 5 including ex-employee arrested (Episode 764, 765 on 5th, 6th February 2017)

Abhishek Khetrapal, a high-profile makeup artist in Delhi, was kidnapped by his former employee, Wasim, for ransom. After receiving multiple ransom calls, the police were able to rescue Abhishek and arrest five people in connection with the kidnapping. Wasim, who worked for Abhishek's mother at her boutique, was aware of the family's financial standing and plotted the abduction for money. The abductors made telephonic calls for ransom from Kanpur and Lucknow to misguide the police, but were eventually caught by the authorities. Abhishek was found sedated and his hands and legs were tied.

The police were able to rescue him after conducting a raid in Mahwa Dhanda, a village in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. The arrested persons were identified as Wasim, Neeraj Sharma, Deepak, Vinod, and Nasir.

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