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Crime Patrol: Badaun case: Woman, lover pushed van with 5 into canal (Episode 766, 767, 768 on 10, 11, 12 Feb, 2017)

A Tragic Tale of Love and Betrayal: The Mausoleum Murders

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was blinded by love. She was angry with her family who disapproved of her relationship and decided to take matters into her own hands. She conspired with her lover to take the family on a visit to a mausoleum where she gave them sleeping pills on the way. When they fell asleep, the couple pushed the car into the river, killing the family.

The incident created a lot of buzz, and the police managed to catch the culprits. The couple was arrested, and during the interrogation, the girl admitted to the crime. She had been so madly in love that she couldn't bear the thought of her lover and her family not being on the same page.

It was a shocking incident that left the town reeling. The family had gone to pay their respects at a holy shrine, and their lives were taken away in a brutal manner. The couple had thought that they could get away with their heinous act, but justice caught up with them.

The incident serves as a reminder that love should not blind us to the point where we lose sight of what is right and wrong. The girl's obsession with her lover led to the death of innocent people, and she paid the price for it. Love can be a beautiful thing, but it should never be allowed to cloud our judgment.
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