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Crime Patrol: Banker key suspect in murders - 'Adopted child, unhappymarriage' possible triggers (Episode 784, Case 22 / 2017 on 31st Mar, 2017)

Shashi Prasad, a senior manager at the Indian Overseas Bank, was posted in Calcutta and had left his wife, Manju Prasad, and son, Dweej, in their rented flat in Jamshedpur. But when Manju didn't answer his calls, he asked his colleague Aditya to check on them. Aditya found the door locked and alerted the police, who discovered the mother-son duo with their throats slit on the bed. The killer was someone they knew, as evidenced by the blood-stained glove found in a bush outside and an empty tea cup on the table. The police took two security guards, Mukesh Kumar and S.N. Singh, into custody for questioning.

Shashi was in shock when he saw his wife and son lifeless, and he cried out that they had no enemies. The murders had taken place on Tuesday morning, and the door was locked from the outside, indicating that the killer had access to the flat keys. The balcony door was open, and the balcony overlooked the boundary wall behind which there was a bush, where the glove was found. The police speculated that the killer may have been a guest who had been offered tea in the empty cup.

Residents of the apartment complex were shocked and clueless about the murders, and no one had heard any screams. Manju was quiet by nature, and Shashi was a nice man who had a lovely family, according to his friend Niraj Kumar Sinha. The police were waiting for surveillance camera footage from the complex to identify the killer and solve the gruesome double murder.

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