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Crime Patrol: Kerala jeweller found hanging from fan in Chembur (Episode 788, 789 on 8th, 9th Apr, 2017)

Satish Raju, a jeweller from Thrissur, Kerala, had suffered huge losses in his gold jewellery business and was bankrupt due to housing and personal loans. He owed 16 kgs of gold and was being pursued by jewellers and banks. In a state of desperation, Satish hatched a plan to rob and kidnap someone in Tamil Nadu with the help of two notorious criminals, Mohammed Riyaz and Sarvanam. However, their plan failed due to the heavy police presence after the passing of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

Satish and Riyaz then decided to go to Mumbai and commit suicide together. They paid Sarvanam supari money to join them, and the three checked into Kamla Lodge in Chembur. They tied Satish's hands behind his back and locked the door from outside before Satish hung himself with a piece of cloth.

Initially, the police believed it to be a murder case due to the suspicious circumstances. However, as they investigated, they discovered that it was, in fact, a suicide pact between the three men. Martin, Satish's friend, had dropped out of the plan at the last moment, which raised suspicion and led to his arrest. The police then traced the movements of the three men and identified the two criminals involved in the plot.

In the end, the police discovered the truth about Satish's death and the failed robbery and kidnapping plan. The case was closed as a suicide pact, and the two criminals involved were arrested for their part in the plot.

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