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Crime Patrol: Delhi Man Gets Ex-Lover's Husband Killed By Having Poison Injected Into His Neck In A Busy Market (Episode 772 on 3rd March, 2017)

In a shocking incident, a man was injected with poison and killed in Delhi by a physiotherapist named Prem Singh. Singh was allegedly approached by his friend Aneesh Yadav, a gym trainer, who had planned the murder. Yadav was in love with Kumar's wife, who he had been in a relationship with before she got married. Police say that Yadav had been pressuring Kumar's wife to leave her husband, but she refused, leading Yadav to plan the murder.

Singh allegedly took Rs 1.5 lakh from Yadav for the murder. The victim, Ravi Kumar, was rushed to St Stephen’s Hospital, where he died the next day. Police found that Singh had attempted to kill Kumar once before, in October, but Kumar had survived and did not file a complaint. The police officer in charge of the case said that it appears two chemicals were mixed into the injection: Midazolam and Fortwin. Yadav and Singh were both arrested and charged with murder.

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