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Crime Patrol: Canadian woman booked for husband’s murder, paid Rs 2.7 lakh to contract killer (Episode 776, 777 on 10th, 11th Mar, 2017)

Pawandeep Kaur sat in her Toronto home, staring at her phone. She couldn't believe that Jaskaran had been killed. She knew she had paid for it, but the reality of it was too much to handle. She had planned it all carefully, and had even flown to India to attend his funeral, with their two children in tow. It was a perfect alibi, or so she thought.

inside story

Pawandeep had always wanted Jaskaran's property, and she had been having affairs with two of the men who had carried out the killing. She had paid them a total of 2.75 lakh rupees, and had promised more in the future. The police had been monitoring her since the murder, and had found out about her involvement through a money transfer.

Lakhbir Singh, the contract killer, had posed as a property buyer to lure Jaskaran to a vacant plot, where he had stabbed him repeatedly with a knife. Pawandeep had then flown back to Canada, hoping to avoid suspicion.

But the police were already on her trail. They had suspected her from the start, and had been monitoring her every move. She had made a fatal mistake by transferring money to the killers. They arrested her and the four men involved in the murder.

Lakhbir Singh, who was a double murder convict serving life term, had come out on parole in 2012 from the Patiala Jail. He had been a proclaimed offender and had figured as an accused in four other cases. Pawandeep and the others were given life imprisonment, and Lakhbir was sent back to jail. The once-perfect plan had ended in disaster, and Pawandeep was left to rue her and figures as accused in four other cases.

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