निसं, ठाणे : ठाणे शहर के कोपरी इलाके में रहने वाली 25 वर्षीया राखी शेजवल की अज्ञात हत्यारे ने गला चीरकर हत्या कर दी। समाचार लिखे जाने तक हत्या के कारणों और हत्यारे का कोई सुराग नहीं लग पाया था। कोपरी पुलिस के अनुसार रविवार की दोपहर राखी कोपरी के संभाजी व्यायाम शाला स्थित घर की पहली मंजिल पर अकेले थी। उसी समय तेजधार वाले हथियार से किसी ने उसकी हत्या कर दी। घर से कोई सामान के गायब या चोरी होने की बात से पुलिस ने इनकार किया है।पुलिस के मुताबिक घटना के समय राखी का पति राहुल अपने काम पर गया था। बताया जाता है कि घटना के कुछ समय पहले राखी करीब ही रहने वाली अपनी मां के घर गई थी और अपने 4 और 2 साल के बेटों को मां के घर पर छोड़ कर आई थी। थोड़ी देर बाद बच्चे जब नानी के साथ घर लौटे, तो उन्होंने मां को खून से लथपथ पाया। कोपरी पुलिस मामले की जांच कर रही है। पुलिस पड़ोसियों और जान-पहचान के लोगों से पूछताछ कर रही है।

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Mumbai: Neighbour arrested for woman’s murder

The Thane police have arrested a neighbour for the murder of a 25-year-old woman.
Police said the accused, Babu Gogavle, allegedly tried to sexually assault the woman who was alone in her home and killed her with a knife when she resisted.
The incident took place on October 2.
Police said Gogavle had allegedly broken into Rakhi Shejwal’s house. Police said they were not satisfied with Gogvale’s statement and took him into custody for further questioning.
“He confessed to killing her after she resisted his sexual advances. Gogavle was arrested on charges of murder,” said a police officer.

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Youth murders woman for resisting sexual advances in Thane

THANE: A 21-year-old youth has been arrested for murdering a woman who resisted his sexual advances, on Sunday.
Rakhi Shejwal, 25, was found murdered in her house on Sunday afternoon at Veer Sambhaji Vyayamshala chawl, Kopri Anandnagar in Thane east.

Upon interrogation, investigators found that accused Samir Gogawale - a resident of Ghansoli who used to come to his parents at the same building as the victim lived in at Anandnagar - tried to force himself on the woman on the fateful day. But the woman resisted his advances which is why he killed her, said a police officer.
The accused worked as a delivery boy and was attracted to the deceased for the last six months.

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Neighbour slits woman’s throat for resisting rape

THANE: Rakhi Shejwal, a 25-year-old housewife and mother of two who was found dead in her Kopri home on Sunday, was allegedly murdered by her 21-year-old neighbour for resisting his attempt to molest her.

Police arrested Babu Gogavale on Tuesday after inquiries with other neighbours led them to him.
Inquiries revealed that Gogavale, who worked in a chocolate factory, was infatuated with Shejwal and tried to molest her when she was home alone on Sunday.

"Shejwal had never encouraged Gogavale. On Sunday, when he saw her alone at home, he tried to molest her. Shejwal immediately retaliated and scratched his neck. Her resistance angered Gogavale who took a knife from the kitchen and slit her throat," said DCP Sunil Lokhande.

The police claim that when they made inquiries with neighbours, they learnt that no one had taken the stairs to Shejwal's residence that evening.

"The stairs were connected only to Shejwal's first-floor tenement and the neighbouring Gogavale house. Locals said they had not seen anyone else use the stairs. We inquired with Gogavale and his family and learnt that his mother and father had stepped out for work and his brother was out too. Gogavale's statements kept changing and we also saw scratch marks of assault on his neck. He eventually confessed to the crime," said Kishor Pasalkar, senior inspector, Crime Branch Unit V.
The incident occurred around 1pm on Sunday afternoon after Shejwal returned from her mother's place in the vicinity. She had asked her mother to look after her sons, one aged four and the other two, so that she could go home to fill water as her husband, a driver with a private firm, was out on work. When the children retuned around 1:30pm, they found their mother lying in a pool of blood.

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