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Crime Patrol: ठाणे में 25 वर्षीया महिला की हत्या (Episode 811, 2nd June, 2017)

Housewife Anjali found murdered in the home(Episode 811 on 2nd June 2017)

The Inside Story
Rakhi Shejwal, a young housewife, and mother of two was murdered by her neighbour, Babu Gogavale, when she resisted his attempt to molest her. Gogavale, who worked in a chocolate factory, was infatuated with Rakhi and tried to take advantage of her when she was alone at home. Rakhi resisted and scratched his neck. In response, Gogavale took a knife from the kitchen and slit her throat. He was arrested after the police made inquiries with other neighbours who led them to him.

The incident took place in Kopri, Thane on Sunday afternoon, and Rakhi's children, aged four and two, found her in a pool of blood when they returned home. Rakhi had asked her mother to take care of her children while she went home to fill water, as her husband, a private firm driver, was out on work.

The police found scratch marks on Gogavale's neck, and his statements kept changing. Eventually, he confessed to the crime. Rakhi's death has left her family and neighbours in shock and disbelief. The tragedy is a reminder of the dangers women face daily and the importance of speaking out against harassment and abuse.

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