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Crime Patrol: Delhi: Woman murders sister for showing interest in her boyfriend (Episode 806, 807 on 20th, 21st May, 2017)

Shazia had always been envious of her elder sister, Sonam. She was jealous of the attention and affection Sonam received from their parents and others. But the final straw came when Sonam began showing interest in Shazia's boyfriend, Waseem. Shazia couldn't bear the thought of losing Waseem to her sister, so she took matters into her own hands.

One day, Shazia got into an argument with Sonam, which soon turned into a scuffle. In a fit of rage, Shazia pulled out Waseem's pistol and shot Sonam at point blank range. She then rushed to her neighbor's house to hide the weapon.

When their parents returned, Shazia lied to them, claiming that Sonam was killed by a stalker who had been harassing her for months. But the police soon caught onto her lies and arrested her.

During questioning, Shazia finally admitted to her crime and even revealed that Waseem had given her the idea of killing Sonam. The police launched a manhunt for Waseem and his accomplice, Abid.

The tragic incident left their family shattered, with the loss of one daughter and the imprisonment of another. Shazia's jealousy had cost her sister's life, and she would have to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life.

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