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Crime Patrol: Man kidnaps cousin and nephew for bribe money, kills both (Episode 817, 818, 819 on16th, 18th Jun, 2017)

Vishnu Dayal had always dreamed of landing a government job, but he didn't have the money to bribe his way in. So when a contact promised him a job in return for a hefty bribe, Dayal hatched a plan to raise the money. He decided to kidnap his cousin, a medical student named Anurag Pal, and demand a ransom of Rs 1 crore from his family.

Despite his disability, Dayal managed to carry out the kidnapping with the help of two accomplices. However, when the police started to close in on them, Dayal became paranoid and killed Anurag in a fit of panic. He then cut up Anurag's body and disposed of it in a suitcase on a train.

Unsatisfied with the money he had made from the first kidnapping, Dayal decided to kidnap his own nephew, Rajbabu, and demand a ransom of Rs 40 lakh. But this time, he was caught before he could carry out the murder.

The news of Anurag's death sent shockwaves through the medical college where he had been studying. His former roommate, Akash Kumar, was stunned by the news and described Anurag as a harmless person who kept to himself.

In the end, Dayal's greed and desperation for a government job led to the deaths of two of his own family members. His actions will forever haunt the memories of those who knew and loved Anurag and Rajbabu.

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