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Courtroom: साली से शादी के लिए पत्नी की हत्या (10 March, 2019)

Shama and Latif's marriage had always been a troubled one. Latif was in love with Shama's sister, but Shama did not approve of their union. One night, while Shama was sleeping, Latif strangled her with a tape and then staged a burglary to cover up his crime. Latif forgot, however, that his four-year-old son had witnessed everything. The boy revealed the truth to his grandmother, aunt, and uncle, and Latif was arrested.

Shama's family was from Shakoore Basti, while Latif was from Deenpur in Chhawla. They had married despite the disapproval of Shama's family. The marriage was already strained, but it reached its tragic end when Latif acted on his desires. Shama's family will never forget the horrific act committed by Latif and the tragic loss of Shama's life.
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