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Crime Patrol: Hospital employee arrested in IB officer Chetan Prakash murder case (Episode 944 on 29 Dec 2018)

On February 14, the body of intelligence officer Chetan Prakash was found on the roadside in Jhalawar, and investigations revealed he was murdered over his wife's alleged illicit relationship with a Rajasthan ACB constable. One of the accused, Shahrukh, was arrested, but the main suspect, Praveen Rathore, remains at large. The police have now arrested a hospital employee, Santosh Nirmal, who allegedly provided ketamine for Chetan's murder. It was found that the accused had injected an overdose of ketamine into Chetan's body after kidnapping him. Chetan's father had also filed an FIR against his daughter-in-law and four others for attempting to murder Chetan on January 5. The father alleged that Chetan's wife, Praveen Rathore, Shaqir, Shahrukh, and Fareed staged a truck accident to harm Chetan, but he survived. The police are still investigating the case and searching for Praveen and the other suspects.

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