Assassination Of Senior Citizen Sejal Parikh - Episode 52 - 22nd October 2011
Senor Citizen Sejal Parikh and her Husband Rajan Girdhar Parikh lived happily in a big joint family but a massive incident takes place as Sejal Parikh get brutally killed by one of her family members to whom she strictly denied to give money. Parikh family suffers from severe shock as they couldn't believe that a family member brutally killed Sejal for money issue. Cops doubt on Parikh family's servants and his Grand son Raju. Who killed Sejal Parikh? Will Cops succeed in identifying the real killer?

The inside story
Mumbai, Wed Sep 21 2011
On Monday, the Mumbai Police Crime Branch claimed to have solved the murder of a senior citizen, alleging that Sarla Patel (67) had been murdered by her 16-year-old grandson and his friend at her Malad (West) residence on Friday. On Tuesday, the police said that they suspected Patel’s son Pankaj had an inkling of his son’s involvement. They claimed he had been reluctant to share his suspicions with the police.
Sources in the police claimed that shortly after Pankaj came home and found his mother dead, he suspected that his son may have a role in the murder. “Whenever we called Pankaj for questioning, he made excuses and tried to avoid recording his statement. He kept saying that he was not well and in shock and wanted to go home whenever he was called to the police station. He also tried to divert our attention to the domestic help,” claimed an officer from the Malad police station, who did not wish to be named.

Police sources revealed that later, when the victim’s grandson finally confessed before interrogators that he had killed Patel for money to buy a motorbike and fund his visits to pool and hookah parlours, his father was standing right beside him.

“Before going to his grandmother’s flat to commit the crime, the accused had called the building watchman to check if she was alone. We also learnt that he had repeatedly called up his mother Bhavna to make sure she had also left the building. However, the family did not tell us about this,” said a Crime Branch officer, who did not wish to be named.

The two accused, both of whom study in Class XI in different colleges, are childhood friends and neighbours. The duo were produced before a juvenile court on Tuesday and were remanded in judicial custody for a day.

According to the police, the two had pre-planned the murder. “The accused had prepared for the murder so well that not only did they left no fingerprints by wearing surgical gloves, they also succeeded in misleading the dog squad. The grandson was standing beneath the building after the murder when we reached, but still the dogs could not identify his scent,” said an officer.