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Crime Patrol: Teen killed grandmother to buy bike: Mumbai cops (Episode 52 on 22 October 2011)

The Inside Story

Mumbai Police Solve Senior Citizen's Murder, Suspect Grandson's Father Knew of Involvement

The Mumbai Police Crime Branch has reportedly solved the murder of Sarla Patel (67), alleging that her 16-year-old grandson and his friend had killed her for money to buy a motorbike and fund their visits to pool and hookah parlours. On Tuesday, the police said they suspected Patel's son Pankaj had known of his son's involvement but had been reluctant to share his suspicions with authorities. According to police sources, Pankaj had repeatedly avoided recording his statement and tried to divert attention to the domestic help.

The two accused, both of whom study in Class XI at different colleges, had pre-planned the murder and had taken precautions to avoid leaving fingerprints by wearing surgical gloves. They had also misled the dog squad, preventing them from identifying the grandson's scent. The duo were neighbours and childhood friends, and the grandson had called the building watchman to check if Patel was alone before committing the crime. Pankaj's son had confessed to the murder in front of his father, who was standing beside him.

The accused were produced before a juvenile court and were remanded in judicial custody for a day. The incident highlights the need for greater awareness and action to prevent juvenile crime and address underlying issues such as substance abuse and mental health concerns.

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