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Crime Patrol: Cleansed by Ramzan, man confesses to 8-year-old murder (Episode 44 on 24 September 2011)

The Inside Story

A Guilty Conscience Unveils a Long-Kept Secret

Mumbai, Maharashtra - The solemn month of Ramzan stirred deep remorse within a 26-year-old man, Mohammed Shafi, leading him to confess a crime he had committed eight years ago. As a driver by profession, Shafi recently confided in a constable about the incident, ultimately resulting in the arrest of himself and his three accomplices, including his former employers.

Shafi disclosed to the police that he and Imran Sayyad worked as drivers for Narayan Goenka, 49, and Pawan Droliya, 36, at a chemical firm. According to Shafi, in July 2003, driven by vengeance after being cheated of Rs25,000, they kidnapped and assaulted Shatrughana Khamkar, a 20-year-old cleaner from Mahad taluka in Raigad district. Tragically, the incident ended in Khamkar's untimely death, with his body being disposed of in Kasara Ghat.

Despite Khamkar's family filing a missing person's report with the Mahad police, the case had remained unsolved for years due to a lack of leads. However, this year, during his fast in Ramzan, Shafi's overwhelming sense of guilt compelled him to seek redemption. After confiding in a friend, Shafi was directed to constable Ulhas Naik of the crime branch unit 7, who promptly relayed the information to his superiors, senior police inspector Sunil Kavalekar and police inspector Vinayak Vast.

Initially cautious about accepting Shafi's confession at face value, the investigators verified his claims. They discovered Khamkar's missing person's record at the Mahad police station, along with the subsequent discovery of an unidentified body near Kasara. Armed with this evidence, the crime branch officials summoned Shafi for further interrogation, leading to the subsequent arrest of him and his co-accused.

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