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Crime Patrol: Juhu Double Murder Case Cracked: Two Nepalese Servants Arrested (Episode 43 on 23 September 2011)

The Inside Story

Juhu Double Murder Case Cracked: Two Nepalese Servants Arrested

Mumbai, Maharashtra
The police have announced a breakthrough in the shocking Juhu double murder case, wherein a 43-year-old housewife and her servant were allegedly killed by two Nepalese servants. The accused were apprehended in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra after being tracked using electronic surveillance methods.

While the motive behind the murder appears to be robbery, the police are investigating other angles as well. The accused are currently being interrogated, and cash amounting to over Rs70,000 and some valuables have been seized from them. However, the exact sum taken by the perpetrators has yet to be determined.

The heinous crime occurred on Tuesday at a ground floor flat in the upscale Juhu area. Kavita Suchak, 43, and her loyal domestic help of 17 years, Prakash Bagwe, 35, were discovered lifeless when Kavita's teenage children returned from school and found the door locked from the inside. The residence was found ransacked, and the two Nepalese domestic helpers, Tek Singh and Ram Singh, had been missing since the murder.

During the investigation, the police discovered that the accused had been in constant communication with two individuals via mobile phones in the days leading up to the crime. However, further scrutiny revealed that the numbers were registered using forged documents. Nevertheless, the police placed the phone numbers of the suspects' relatives and friends under surveillance, which ultimately led to the apprehension of the two perpetrators.

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