Dr. Samar working in Haripur Hospital gets a huge shock when he observes medicine reports where he comes to know that the medicines which are supplied in the hospital are charged 4 times higher than it's orignal price i.e. over billing thus he pressurizes Chief Medical officer V.N. Sinha to look into the matter seriously. Dr. Awasthi who is a root cause of all evil bribes Dr. Samar to take his share and stay out of this matter but Dr. Samar strictly disagrees. Later Dr. Awasthi dies due to severe stroke and court shuts the case but this does not go too well with Dr. Samar and forces Cops to reopen the case. Dr. Awasthi is not dead. How will cops solve Dr. Awasthi's mystery? Will Dr. Samar succeed in stopping the unstoppable corruption which takes place in medical field?