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Crime Patrol: Doctor Samar Takes The Initiative (Episode 75 on 13 January 2012)

The Inside Story

Medical Corruption Unveiled in Haripur Hospital, Bihar

Dr. Samar, a doctor at Haripur Hospital in Bihar, was shocked to discover that the medicines supplied to the hospital were being charged at four times their original price, leading to overbilling. He brought this to the attention of the Chief Medical Officer, V.N. Sinha, and urged him to investigate the matter. However, Dr. Awasthi, who was at the root of the problem, offered Dr. Samar a bribe to stay out of the matter, which he refused.

Dr. Awasthi suffered a severe stroke and died, leading to the case being closed by the court. However, Dr. Samar was not satisfied and urged the police to reopen the case. To his surprise, Dr. Awasthi was not dead, and the police were forced to solve the mystery surrounding his disappearance. The case highlights the rampant corruption in the medical field and the need for strict measures to stop it.

The incident also highlights the importance of whistleblowers in exposing corruption and malpractices. Dr. Samar's bravery in standing up against corruption and refusing to be silenced by bribes is commendable. It is crucial to support and protect whistleblowers to create a transparent and accountable system that serves the public interest.

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