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Crime Patrol: Youth who murdered aunt admits to killing son (Episode 26 on 23rd July 2011)

The Inside Story

22-year-old Confesses to Two Murders in Kolkata, West Bengal

Police in Kolkata, West Bengal have revealed that 22-year-old Surajit Mullick confessed to two murders, months apart. The first murder was that of his neighbour's nine-year-old son, Suraj Rai, who went missing on March 16, 2010. Despite suspicions of his involvement, police were unable to find any evidence and Surajit was released. Nearly a year later, on February 4, 2011, locals found the body of Surajit's deaf and mute aunt, Purnima Banerjee, who lived with him in Shibpur railway quarters. Surajit was arrested and confessed to killing his aunt due to a longstanding grudge.

During his interrogation, Surajit also confessed to the murder of Suraj Rai. Surajit had abducted the boy for ransom, but after realising that locals suspected him, he killed Suraj and threw his body into the Hooghly river. Surajit was detained for three days after Purnima wrongly implicated him in the case. He was released when police failed to find any evidence linking him to the missing boy.

After Surajit's confession, police from both New Alipore and Howrah police stations interrogated him to obtain more details about thetwo murders. Surajit will be in Kolkata Police's custody until February 17th for Purnima's murder. When he is produced before the court next, Howrah police will take him on transit remand. The case highlights the importance of thorough investigations, as well as the need for better support for the deaf and mute community, who are particularly vulnerable to abuse and violence.

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