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Crime Patrol: Widow cheated of husband’s life insurance money (Episode 84, 11 Feb 2012)

The Inside Story

Widow Duped of Insurance Money in Mumbai Scam

A widow in Dahisar, Mumbai, waited for more than three months to receive her late husband's life insurance money, only to find out that the cheque for Rs 12 lakh had been encashed in her name by fraudsters. Dahisar police have arrested four people, including a clerk at Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), for the scam, but one accused remains absconding.

The fraudsters withdrew the insurance money using fake identities created with photocopies of PAN and ration cards. After investigating the case, police officers found that the cheque had been stolen by the LIC clerk Sudhir Ghadi, who gave it to the fraudsters Kaustubh Das and Om Shrivastav. Yasmin Khan, whose photo was used to create the fake identity, withdrew the money for them.

The police officers discovered that the fraudsters had an arrangement with Ghadi, who supplied them with stolen LIC cheques. They then created fake accounts in the name of the recipients, using details of associates, and claimed the cheques to withdraw the insurance amount. The accused are currently in police custody, and the victim will receive the full amount soon, according to LIC officials.

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