Beautician Tanya an employee of a Beauty parlor was eagerly waiting for the bus to arrive as she had to reach home thus an unknown person named Vikas offers her a lift in his car to which she strictly denies but later gets in the car as Vikas assures her that he will driver her home safely. Vikas takes a wrong way and thus one of the worst incident occurs with Beautician Tanya as Vikas parks his car in the middle of the dark jungle and rapes her and flees. Cops gets to know that Vikas's real name is Sameer Punj and thus they visit his house. How will cops trap Sameer Punj?

The Inside Story
New Delhi: The notoriety of being considered the most unsafe city for women continues for Delhi as the city was witness to yet another rape, this time of a 20-year-old Manipuri student. The girl, working at a spa centre, was raped in Dwarka on Wednesday night by a man who offered her a lift back home. But 48 hours on, there seems to have been no breakthrough in the case.

"The DCP of South West Delhi, despite getting clear clues, is not arresting the person but saying they are still investigating the case," Madhu Chandra, Spokesperson of North East Helpline said.

The allegation of inaction on the part of the police stems from the fact that cops found the debit card of the accused from the spot, thus revealing the latter's identity.

The police official in charge of the district under whose jurisdiction the crime took place refused to come on camera. He, though, told NDTV that they have been conducting raids to nab the accused.

Meanwhile, a sense of deep mistrust and anger runs through the north-eastern community over what they call as cultural stereotyping, something that makes them vulnerable to crimes in the city.

Their fears are supported by statistics - according to two studies conducted in 2008 by the North East Support Centre, 50% of the molestation and harassment cases in the national capital involve girls from the region.

The Delhi Police, though, has refused to accept the survey. But with growing incidents of crimes against women, the city is gradually losing out on trust, especially from students hailing from the North East which comprise one of the largest campus communities.