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Crime Patrol: Sandip Planned His Own Murder - Episode 8 - 21st May 2011

The Inside Story

Small-Time Businessman Pays Supari to Friend for his Murder in Rajkot

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat, India

A small-time businessman from Rajkot reportedly paid a supari to his friend to have himself killed so that his family would get the Rs 2 crore insurance money to clear his debts. Eight months after Yogesh Patoliya, a paan masala dealer, was found murdered on the outskirts of Rajkot, the police claimed to have cracked the case. Crime branch officials arrested Navghan Sindhav, a close friend of Patoliya, who admitted to killing him because the victim insisted he do it. Patoliya had promised to give Sindhav Rs 90,000.

The police said that Patoliya had taken a life insurance policy of Rs 2 crore and was facing financial difficulties. He decided to fake his own death and make it look like a murder. He promised to pay Sindhav to kill him and make it look like a contract killing. Sindhav confessed to the crime during interrogation and said that Patoliya had promised to give him a shareof the insurance money. The police have filed a case against Patoliya's wife and brother for their alleged involvement in the crime. The incident highlights the dangers of taking out life insurance policies and the need for stricter regulations to prevent such crimes.

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