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Dr. Shastri's Prenatal Sex Determination Clinic busted (Episode 25 on22nd July 2011)

(Original article removed as per a legal request)

Prenatal determination racket cases in India are instances where illegal prenatal sex determination tests are conducted by medical professionals for parents who wish to selectively abort female fetuses. These illegal tests are often carried out with the help of diagnostic centers and clinics that offer prenatal tests despite the practice being banned under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994.

These rackets are prevalent in many parts of India, particularly in states where the sex ratio is significantly imbalanced due to a cultural preference for male children. The practice of prenatal determination has led to a skewed sex ratio in some states, with fewer girls being born compared to boys.

The Indian government has taken several measures to curb the menace of prenatal determination rackets, including conducting raids on diagnostic centers and clinics suspected of carrying out illegal tests, cancelling licenses of violators, and increasing penalties for those caught conducting these tests. Awareness campaigns have also been launched to educate people about the importance of gender equality and discourage the practice of prenatal determination.

In conclusion, prenatal determination racket cases in India are a serious issue that needs to be addressed through a combination of strict enforcement of the PCPNDT Act and education campaigns to promote gender equality and empower women. The practice of prenatal determination not only violates the law but also perpetuates gender-based discrimination and undermines the fundamental rights of women.

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