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Crime Patrol: Mentally challenged Indian released from Pakistan jail after 2 years (Episode 121, 22)

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Part 2

The Inside Story

Indian Man Mentally Unstable, Freed From Pakistani Jail After Seven Years

Bhanudas Karale, a 58-year-old man from Wadgaon village in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district, was released from a Pakistani jail after being held for seven years. He was arrested for illegally entering Pakistan in 2010 while he was in a state of mental imbalance. His family was unaware of his arrest and spent years looking for him. Activist Asim Sarode helped secure his release by gathering legal documents to verify Karale’s nationality and sending them to Pakistani human rights activist Asma Jahangir.

Speaking to IANS over the phone, Karale expressed his joy at being back in India with his family. He said he was glad to be back in good health and wanted to go home to his village and rest. His time in jail in Pakistan was getting unbearable even after his release orders were issued. Although he did not face any hardships, staying in a foreign jail was difficult, especially after he learned that he was being held up due to lack of appropriate documents.

Activist Jatin Desai said that it had been a long journey for Karale and thanked everyone who made his release possible. Karale had lost his mental balance after Garware Nylons Ltd, where he worked, shut down in 1996.

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