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Crime Patrol: Munnabhai MBBS caught after 6 years (Episode 128 on 8th July 2012)

The Inside Story

Bombay Hospital's Loophole Allows Fake Doctor to Work for Six Years

Bombay Hospital's medical director, Dr. D P Vyas, admitted that there was no system in place to verify the credentials of candidates applying for a junior doctor's post, a day after Mumbai Mirror reported the arrest of a fake doctor at the hospital. Mohammed Zuber Qureshi, who worked at the hospital for six years by masquerading as his collegemate, Dr. Meraj Danish Mohammed Hussain Shaikh, allegedly submitted certified copies of genuine documents of Dr. Meraj from Nagpur. Dr. Vyas said that the system to seek references to cross-check a candidate's credentials existed only for post-graduate doctors and consultants.

The real Dr Meraj Shaikh (first one) and Zuber Qureshi (second one), his former classmate

The hospital now plans to introduce mandatory reference checks even for junior medicos. The hospital got into damage control mode, saying that Zuber had never been assigned any important responsibility and that he merely executed orders of consultants under whom he worked. Zuber was one of the 200-odd junior doctors who were directly supervised by consultants of the department concerned. Hospital authorities said he worked in the Cardio Thoracic department, and his superiors never had any complaint against him.

The hospital relies on documents provided by a candidate and on the registration of the Maharashtra Medical Council. The original certificates presented by Zuber were reliable and certified by the university, and it was not possible to identify the cheating since the person presented the same in such a way, the hospital statement said.

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