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Crime Patrol: 14 year old Dugi get National Bravery Award for revolting against the practice of child marriage (Episode 143 on 17 Aug 2012)

The Inside Story

14-year-old Minati Refuses Child Marriage in Orissa

New Delhi, India: Despite being a young girl, Minati Gagaral, also known as Dugi, displayed immense courage and resilience by standing up against the practice of child marriage. She was awarded the National Bravery Award for her bravery.

Minati was being pressured by a 50-year-old man to marry him, but she refused to accept him as her husband. As per the Adivasi custom, her elder brother did not allow her to stay in her parents' house and even threatened to kill her. Minati left her house and stayed in the forest without food for two to three days. She then sought help from the locals and reported the matter to the police with their assistance.

Minati intends to become a master craftsperson under the protection of a local NGO. When asked about her plans for the prize money and the bravery award, she said she would use it to study. Despite being illiterate, the girl is currently learning to read and write.

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