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Crime Patrol: Siblings found dead in Kasara ghat in Maharashtra (Episode 190 on 14th Dec 2012)

Inside The Story

Panvel, Maharashtra - November 25, 2012

The Kasara police arrested Nitin Shah (45) for killing his children after doctors at JJ Hospital declared him fit. Nitin had been depressed for some time over his wife Sonam's "mental illness" and last weekend, while at home due to the shut-down after Bal Thackeray's death, his despair worsened. On Monday, he took his children Janhavi (12) and Parag (10) to Igatpuri by bus and on the way back in the evening, Nitin got them to disembark at Kasara ghat and walk into the forests. It was there that Nitin told his children of his desire to kill them as his mother's "illness" had taken a toll on him. However, unable to kill them as they looked on, he first put them to sleep and early on Tuesday, while Janhavi and Parag were still asleep, he strangulated them. Nitin tried to end his own life with the same cloth, but did not go through with the plan.

After wandering for two days, he returned to Kasara ghat early on Thursday and slit his wrists. He was discovered by cops who took him to JJ Hospital. Nitin was at JJ hospital under police surveillance for three days as the police were worried that he may attempt suicide again. A cop part of the team said that Nitin would be produced in the holiday court on Sunday.

The case highlights the importance of mental health and the need for individuals to seek help if they are experiencing depression or other mental health issues. It also brings attention to the devastating effects of suicide, not only on the individual but also on their family and loved ones.

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