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Crime Patrol: Bangalore girl smilingly admits to killing fiancee, arrested (Episode 188, 189 on 8th-9th Dec 2012)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Bangalore, India - November 1, 2011

A young girl named Saumya in Bangalore was arrested for killing her fiancee Nitesh, a 25-year-old software engineer, over unclear reasons. Saumya allegedly hatched a conspiracy to kill Nitesh after noticing a change in his behavior. She took help from one of her friends to kill Nitesh and stuffed paper napkin in his mouth, rendering him unconscious. Saumya and her friend then reportedly crushed his head with a stone to hide his identity.

Saumya met Nitesh on Facebook, and the two slowly came close before getting engaged. Saumya said that Nitesh resigned from his job a few days ago, and there was a noticeable change in his behavior too. Saumya said that this created suspicion in her mind and she decided to investigate. On October 21, Saumya took Nitesh to Shilindra Doddi, on the outskirts of Bangalore, on the pretext of spending time together. There she gave him vodka mixed with ammonium sulphate, hoping that he would speak the truth under its influence.

However, Nitesh started vomiting due to an overdose, and Saumya panicked and stuffed paper napkin in his mouth, rendering him unconscious. Saumya said she decided to kill him off and then called her friend Parsavanath. However, a hair clip belonging to Saumya was left behind at the murder scene, which the police found. Moreover, the mobile found near Nitesh's body showed that the last call was made to Saumya following which the police arrested her and her friend.

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  1. Anonymous00:45

    This case is realy intresting....i cant even imagine facebook can lead to such crime....

  2. Anonymous15:59

    Too much of knowing psychology also becomes dangerous at times!! What was she thinking? !! God

  3. The details of the story shown on the show was different.. Why is that so?


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