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Crime Patrol: Doctor runs baby selling racket, held (Episode 206 on 1st Feb 2013)

The Inside Story

Gynaecologist and Son Arrested for Selling a Newborn in Bangalore, India

On December 28, a private nursing home owner and gynaecologist, Dr Parvin, and her son Harsha were arrested in Bangalore, India, for selling a newborn baby boy. Acting on a tip-off that newborn babies were being sold for adoption, a trap was laid by the police, and the duo was caught red-handed.

The doctor had initially quoted Rs 3 lakh for the baby, but agreed to sell the baby for Rs 85,000 after negotiations. During the investigation, the doctor confessed to having sold at least four newborns since 2004. The police have rescued the baby boy, and he is in good health.

The doctor claimed that she sold only those babies who were abandoned by their mothers after giving birth at the nursing home. However, she is charged under Section 372 of the IPC for trafficking minors, and if convicted, she can be imprisoned for a maximum of 10 years.

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