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Crime Patrol: Ahmedabad woman, daughter kill Mumbai stockbroker, cut him into 17 pieces (Episode 207, 208 on 2, 3 Feb 2013)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Mother-Daughter Duo Kills Mumbai Stockbroker for his Rs 17 Crore Property

A mother and daughter from Maninagar, Ahmedabad have been arrested for the murder of a Mumbai stockbroker. The victim, Mukti Shah, was killed near Vasad village in Anand district, Gujarat on December 12. Shah's body was found with 17 cuts, and the women have confessed to the crime. They killed Shah to take over his Rs 17 crore property in Panvel, Navi Mumbai.

The accused are educated and upwardly mobile, with the daughter working as a fashion designer. She had crafted the plan to get Shah to sign the power of attorney in her name six months ago. Shah first got in touch with the woman during his frequent visits to Ahmedabad, and the two started an affair. Later, the daughter also began a relationship with him.

The mother-daughter duo tried to kill Shah three times before succeeding. First, the daughter tried to push him off a cliff in Lonavala, then they tried to poison him by spiking his drink in Panvel, but he did not touch it. Finally, they mixed poison in his tea, made him sign the power of attorney, and cut his jugular vein and other veins, leaving him to die in the car. They fled the scene and returned to confirm that he was dead.

This is the first instance of a mother and daughter being involved in such a brutal murder. The Anand police found a plastic bag containing vegetables and a dupatta in Shah's car, which led to the discovery of the women's involvement. The Ahmedabad police were alerted after call data records showed frequent calls to the accused. The two women are now in police custody.

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