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Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind: Man suspects wife of affair; hacks, burns her (Episode 13 on 27 Jan 2013)

The Inside Story

Cruelty in Delhi: Sumit Handa murders his wife

Sumit Handa, a science student with a diploma in French, meticulously planned the murder of his wife, Niranjani Pillai. Suspecting his wife of infidelity, Handa picked up a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed her before strangulating her with his laptop's charging lead on the evening of October 29, in Vishwakarma Colony in Pul Prahladpur near Okhla, Delhi.

Handa had been preparing for the murder well in advance, according to additional DCP (crime), Sanjay Bhatia. The next morning, he bought a trolley bag and hacked his wife's body before placing it inside the bag. He then cleaned the apartment and even asked a laborer to replace the bathroom tiles to remove all traces of the crime scene. He burnt his wife's air tickets and passport to eliminate evidence and then performed her last rites, which ultimately helped the police collect more evidence against him.

Handa has denied his involvement, claiming that his wife committed suicide by slashing her wrist. However, the police have enough forensic evidence to convict him. In Haryana's jungles, the burnt bones, ashes, hair, residue of wire, and a burnt pen drive were recovered, and Sumit's presence there was confirmed by technical evidence. Handa's methodical approach and extensive use of the internet to research how to carry out the "perfect murder" shocked the crime branch officers.

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