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Gujarat mother gives up abducted son to adoptive mother

SURAT: Among hundreds of parents in Gujarat who are desperately waiting to find their missing children, ShitalRajput was the most fortunate. Shital's painful two-year wait ended on January 26 when police found her kidnapped son Jignesh from a woman in Mumbai.

But despite spending two years in grief, Shital has taken an unprecedented decision to let the Mumbai woman Aarti Tanawade adopt Jignesh, who is now four year old. Shital, wife of a textile unit employee, was moved by Aarti's trauma - getting widowed in 1996 and immediately losing her only son to illness.

"A woman can understand the separation of a mother and son better. Aarti has taken extremely good care of Jignesh, who has also bonded well with her. I don't want Aarti go undergo the same trauma as mine," Shital told TOI.

Jignesh has only one functional kidney and Aarti had spent a hefty sum on his treatment. "I was aware about his illness when Jignesh was first brought to me and I will continue his treatment just like my son," Aarti told TOI from Mumbai over phone.

"His parents have agreed to give me the child and I am very happy about their decision," said Aarti, who runs a tiffin and catering service in Jogeshwari.

City police had brought Aarti too along when they got Jignesh home on January 26. The child was traced following the arrest of a woman, Rekha Solanki, who had kidnapped Jignesh from his house in Mahidharpura.

Rajputs and Aarti have already started the legal process of adoption. "I m hopeful that there will be no legal hiccups and I would get back Rishikesh," Aarti said.

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