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Crime Patrol: Mangalore gets a reality check as teen drug addict commits suicide (Episode 218 on 8th March 2013)

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The Inside Story

Substance abuse takes a toll on teens in Mangalore, Karnataka

Sneha Upadhya, a 16-year-old girl from a middle-class family in Mangalore, Karnataka, fell prey to substance abuse. Her parents were unaware of her addiction until she began to display withdrawal symptoms and asked for money. Sneha had become addicted to several substances, including alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, grass, and gutkha. Despite being sent to a strict college, she continued to abuse substances.

The prevalence of drug peddlers and the ease of access to such substances in Mangalore has left parents terrified. The availability of cigarettes and other substances near educational institutions is a major concern. Many parents are now choosing to drop off and pick up their children from school due to fear. While citizens blame the police for not taking action, the police commissionerate insists that every police station is equipped to handle the issue.

In the wake of Sneha's tragedy, the Bajrang Dal has become police informants and is spreading awareness of the issue. However, they claim that certain groups are targeting young people of a particular community to afflict them with substance abuse. This has left citizens worried about the true intentions behind such actions.

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