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Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind: Cops accuse victim’s husband of masterminding Palwal murder (Episode 25 on 17th March 2013)

The Inside Story

Businessman held for masterminding wife's murder in New Delhi

Mukesh Lakhanpal, the chief of circulation of a well-known business magazine, was arrested by the police in connection with his wife's murder. The body of his wife, Satvinder, was found near Palwal on the Delhi-Agra highway two weeks ago. The police have detained Lakhanpal, claiming he masterminded the killing and had hired three men to carry it out. A hunt is on for the three killers, who tied up Lakhanpal while killing Satvinder. The police had suspected Lakhanpal from the beginning due to his inconsistent statements, and finally, he broke down and admitted to having planned and executed the murder. The accused had parked his car claiming he needed to relieve himself, after which the three men took Satvinder to the fields and murdered her. Police refused to speculate on the motive behind the murder, and the investigation is ongoing. The accused's inconsistent statements led to his arrest, and further questioning may reveal the exact reasons behind his decision to murder his wife.

The murder was well-planned, and the accused had decided to dump the body somewhere else but abandoned the plan after the car's tyres got stuck in the fields. The accused then tied up Mukesh to a tree to pass it off as a highway robbery, police said.

The police said they had conclusive evidence that Lakhanpal had masterminded the murder, and his arrest would be made very soon.

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