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Crime Patrol: Kanpur engineers, inspired by Ocean's 11, arrested after Bank robbery (Episode 230, 231 on 7th apr 2013)

Part 2

The Inside Story:

2 Engineering Students Arrested for Bank Robbery in Kanpur

Two engineering students from Kanpur-based Apoorva Institute, Jitendra Singh Rajpoot and Abhyuday Singh alias Anshul, were arrested on Thursday for allegedly robbing Rs 23 lakh from a Bank of Baroda branch in the Kidwai Nagar police station area of Kanpur last month. According to Additional Director General (Law and Order) Arun Kumar, the police recovered Rs 18.59 lakh, a bicycle, and a mobile phone bought with the looted money. One of their accomplices, who is studying in Delhi, is yet to be arrested.

On November 29, two boys had entered the bank wearing helmets, bolted the main door from inside, and held the manager, cashier, and five visitors at gunpoint. They collected cash from the cashier’s counter and the strongroom with the help of the manager and the cashier. According to police, the robbers had stolen a motorbike from a parking stand a few days before the incident, which was used for fleeing after the robbery. The accused dumped their clothes, helmets, and shoes and burnt the motorbike later.

Jitendra and Abhyuday submitted Rs 25,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively from the robbed money for their college fees. They also bought a bicycle, a mobile phone, and some clothes from the money. The police are considering developing a separate cadre of security guards specifically dedicated to the security of banks in the state.

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