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Crime Patrol: Gujarat surrogate mom's rape plaint 'false', DCB wants it trashed (Episode 233, 234 on 14th, 15th Apr 2013)



The Inside Story

Gujarat Surrogate Mother's Rape Complaint Found to be False by DCB

After an investigation by the Detection of Crime Branch (DCB), it has been decided to file a ‘B’ summary report in court stating that the rape complaint made by a surrogate mother was false. The complaint was filed six months ago by a married woman from Saraspur against Rajkumar from Nadiad, who was accused of raping her after promising to pay Rs 2 lakh for becoming a surrogate mother.

The investigation revealed that the woman had given birth to a child through surrogacy, which was then sold to a couple by a doctor. The entire deal was executed through Rajkumar, who worked as an agent between the woman and the doctor. The woman had lodged a complaint just to pressurise Rajkumar, who had allegedly taken Rs 2 lakh from the doctor but had not given it to the woman. Based on these findings, DCB officials have decided to file a ‘B’ summary report.

It is also learned that DCB is planning to file a fresh FIR in the case, as the child was illegally sold by the doctor. Thus, it is likely that the doctor might be booked on charges of illegal human trafficking.

However, the woman stopped co-operating with the investigation and even expressed a desire to withdraw her rape complaint. This led to the DCB officials concluding that the complaint was false and should be discarded.

The entire incident highlights the illegal and unethical practices surrounding surrogacy and the need for stricter laws and regulations to ensure that vulnerable women are not exploited.

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