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Gujarat surrogate mom's rape plaint 'false', DCB wants it trashed

After thorough investigation, officials of Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) have decided to file ‘B’ summary report in the court, claiming that the rape complaint filed by a surrogate mother was false.

Six months back, a married woman from Saraspur had filed a complaint at the women police station against Rajkumar, a resident of Nadiad. According to her complaint, Rajkumar was her friend. He had raped her after promising to pay Rs2 lakh for becoming a surrogate mother through a well-known doctor in Ahmedabad.

During investigation, the woman stopped co-operating and expressed a desire to withdraw her rape complaint. She even called up DCB officials on phone. Investigation revealed that she had given birth to a child through surrogacy and the baby was sold to a couple by the doctor.

The entire deal was executed through Rajkumar, who worked as an agent between the woman and the doctor. It is also learned that the woman had lodged a complaint just to pressurise Rajkumar, who allegedly took Rs2 lakh from the doctor but did not give it to the woman.

Based on these findings, DCB officials have decided to file a ‘B’ summary report, which means that the complaint was false and is to be discarded. In addition, it is also learned that DCB is also planning to file a fresh FIR in the case, as the child was illegally sold by the doctor. Thus, it is likely that the doctor might be booked on charges of illegal human trafficking.

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Another doctor booked in human trafficking case

AHMEDABAD: A Porbandar-based doctor has been booked by the crime branch for human trafficking. After Ahmedabad-based gynecologist Dr Bharat Atit, this is the second doctor to be booked in this case.

On Friday, police inspector of crime branch B M Desai lodged the second complaint against Atit. Dr Dilip Vyas is the second accused in this complaint. In the FIR, Vyas is accused of purchasing two baby boys from Atit in 2011 for a sum of Rs 8 lakh.

Deputy commissioner of police, crime branch, Himanshu Shukla said: "We have documentary and scientific evidence against him for both. The first baby's biological mother is an Ahmedabad-based woman called Manjula. We are now hunting for the second baby's mother."

Crime branch had blood tests carried out on Vyas, his wife and their two children. "The Porbandar civil hospital has told us in its report that the two babies were not biological children of the Vyas couple. We will now get DNA test done on the four. The babies' DNA will then be matched with their biological parents to ascertain the truth," said a crime branch official.

Desai said: "During investigation we learnt that Vyas and his wife Deena had approached Atit for infertility treatment in 2011. The first two attempts failed since Deena was not ovulating.

Then Atit suggested that Vyas donate his semen for artificial insemination in other women to facilitate surrogate pregnancy. Vyas agreed to it and soon, Atit told him that he had to pay Rs 4 lakh each as two babies were due for birth through that procedure. Atit had also given Vyas a file that said twin babies were born to Deena at Atit's clinic at Saraspur.

Porbandar couple were unaware of Atit's activities

Dr Dilip Vyas and his wife were apparently unaware of the illegal status of their babies. "The doctor from Porbandar says he was told by Atit that the two were his biological sons, born through artificial insemination to two different surrogate mothers. Vyas told us that Atit had called up in December 2012 and revealed the truth after a complaint against the latter was lodged at the Mahila police station here. Vyas says that Atit had asked him to keep the matter a secret," said inspector crime branch B M Desai.

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