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Shaitaan (Colors TV): Swedish model claims evidence of police-drug mafia nexus in Goa (Episode 37 May 11th, 2013)

A Swedish model known as Lucky Farmhouse has stated that she has evidence that could establish a link between the police and Goa's drug mafia. Farmhouse had used a spycam to expose her boyfriend Yaniv Benaim's connections with the Goa police and had posted the clips on YouTube, which led to the arrest of Atala and five policemen for their links with the drug mafia. Farmhouse claimed that it was not just the anti-narcotics cell but also the local police station that frequently visited Atala's business and demanded bribes. She also alleged that the son of a "big politician" was involved with the drug mafia. Farmhouse said that she had not released all the recordings as she needed to save them in case someone came after her. The drug peddler-police nexus controversy had forced the Goa police to change the way they stock the drugs seized from traffickers.

Farmhouse has modeled in Stockholm, London, Paris, and Hamburg for a few big brands and has participated in The Reality Show, which made her a known name in Sweden. She narrated anecdote after anecdote of how the police were squeezing money from Atala while she was in Goa. Farmhouse said that one night Atala gave a police officer Rs 47,000 on an empty road, but he was still asking for more. She said that the same policeman who sold the plastic bag with different drugs in one of the videos and to whom Atala gave information about other criminals was the one who met Atala on the empty road.

Farmhouse left Goa in February 2008 after posting the videos on social media. She said that Atala had treated her nicely in the beginning, but everything had changed when she returned to Goa to move into his house. He was now heavily addicted to cocaine, doing his drugs openly in the house, and was very aggressive and violent to her and everyone around. Every day policemen came to the house invited by him and discussed dirty business. Farmhouse said that Atala was banned from India in 2006, had been to jail in Israel, and was not welcome back there. Before he came to Goa, he had been arrested in Thailand for drugs and was banned there too.

Farmhouse also said that the police should investigate Atala's link in British teenager Scarlett Keeling's murder as Scarlett was a regular visitor to his coffee shop. She said that the policeman whom Scarlett's mother Fiona MacKeown accused of being involved in the murder was the same policeman visiting Atala in his house and business almost every day. The police had not yet contacted Farmhouse to record her statement, but she said that she would tell them everything if they contacted her.

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