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Bitti Mohanty had raped a German tourist in Rajasthan's Alwar districton March 21, 2006, and was convicted by a fast-track on April 12, 2006.

The Rajasthan Police will on Monday seek the custody of Bitti Mohanty, facing a seven-year jail term for raping a German woman in 2006, who was arrested in Kerala after absconding for nearly seven years by jumping parole.

A team of Rajasthan Police would reach Kannur tomorrow with jail and production warrants, Jaipur Assistant Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph said.

Bitti was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 2006 for raping a 26-year-old German woman at Alwar.

Son of former Odisha DGP BB Mohanty, Bitti had been working as a Probationary Officer in a public sector bank in Kannur for the last three years impersonating as 'Raghav Rajan' from Andhra Pradesh.

Bitti has denied that his father helped him jump bail and get a new identity. Police suspect that at least three close relatives were in constant touch with Bitti.

In 2006, Bitti's father had stood surety for his son's return to prison in 15 days. He was given bail on the plea that his mother in Odisha was unwell and wanted to meet him. When Bitti jumped parole, his father was accused of helping him escape.

Bitti has been charged with cheating, forgery and impersonation by Kerala Police. He was remanded to 14-day judicial custody by a magistrate yesterday.

Bitti landed in trouble after the employees of the bank branch at Pazhayangadi grew suspicious of the true identity of their colleague on seeing his photo among pictures of accused in various sex crimes shown by TV channels and those floated on the Internet in the wake of the Delhi gangrape incident. Bitti was picked up from his local residence on Friday evening and during interrogation revealed his true identity after initially trying to mislead the police.

Police said he has a fake passport, a driver's licence and even an MBA degree certificate from Kannur in the name of Raghav Rajan.

The arrest proceedings were completed after police also corroborated their findings by interacting with their counterparts in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

He pretended to be an Andhraite and during his stay also learnt to speak Malayalam well, without giving a clue to local people or his colleagues that he is a convict.

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Did a faltering love affair lead to Bitty Mohanty's arrest?

Kannur: Was it a love affair with a fellow woman bank officer that ultimately led to the arrest of rapist Bitty Mohanty in Kerala, seven years after he jumped parole?

Mr Mohanty was arrested last week in Kannur, where he was working with a state-run bank. An anonymous letter to the bank's senior officers alleged that the man everyone knew as Raghav Rajan was actually Bitti Mohanty who was sentenced by a Rajasthan court to seven years in prison for raping a German tourist.

Though Mr Mohanty denied this, the Rajasthan police officer, who had arrested him in 2006, identified him and he has been taken to Rajasthan now to cross-check his fingerprints against the ones on record for the convict in the German rape case.

The police has not confirmed or denied whether the tip-off that led to the arrest came from a co-worker who had been jilted by Mr Mohanty. They say the source of the anonymous letter is not their focus.

The woman, who works in another branch of the same bank, according to some reports, had told her parents that she wanted to marry him. They allegedly saw his photo in a TV channel report on rape cases and recognised him as their daughter's boyfriend.

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