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Crime Patrol: Boy whose ‘murder’ sparked Bihar riots surfaces in Delhi (Episode 261, 262 on 22, 23 June 2013)



The Inside Story

Missing Madhubani Schoolboy Found in Delhi with Girlfriend

In a dramatic turn of events, Prashant Jha, a schoolboy from Madhubani, who was believed to be murdered, was discovered and detained along with his girlfriend, Preeti Choudhary, by the police in Mehrauli near New Delhi. The couple expressed their desire to live and die together during their interaction with the authorities.

Prashant and Preeti, both Class X students, had eloped on September 7, prompting their families to file complaints with the police. The situation escalated, leading to violence and two fatalities in clashes between the police and supporters of Prashant's family. The police later recovered a headless body, initially believed to be Prashant's, but refused to hand it over as it did not match his age.

Under mounting pressure, the police eventually released the beheaded body to Prashant's family, who cremated it. Meanwhile, the boy and the girl had been traveling extensively, using the money Preeti had reportedly carried with her. Their journey took them to various places, including Ranchi, Jammu & Kashmir, Darjeeling, and finally, Delhi, where they were apprehended by the police following a tip-off from a Bihar resident.

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