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Crime Patrol: Woman rescued hours after abduction in Gandhinagar (Episode 263 on 28th June 2013)

The Inside Story

Abducted Woman Rescued in Gandhinagar: Abductor Wanted to Marry Her

A 23-year-old woman, working at an IT company in the state capital, was rescued by the Gandhinagar police after being abducted from outside her office. The woman, hailing from Ranchi, Jharkhand, was forcefully taken by four men, one of whom, identified as Dara Hardayal Singh, had intentions to marry her.

Singh, a resident of Madhya Pradesh and an IIT Mumbai graduate, had proposed marriage to the woman multiple times, but she had consistently declined his advances. On Sunday afternoon, Singh and three accomplices seized the opportunity and forcibly pulled her into a Chevrolet Tavera, fleeing the scene.

The woman's colleague promptly alerted the police, leading to a swift response from Sector 7 police station and multiple teams from the Gandhinagar police. After two hours, the abductors were intercepted and arrested in Kheda. Investigations revealed that Singh had rented the car from Madhya Pradesh with the intention of taking the woman there.

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