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Crime Patrol: Daughter of a Mumbai devdasi gets to study in New York! (Episode 273 on 20th July 2013)

The Inside Story

Shweta Katti, born and brought up in Mumbai's red light area, had a burning desire to study despite the challenges she faced. She was raised by her mother, who worked in a factory, and her step-father, who didn't like her because of her black skin. Shweta's life was not more than a brothel, and her alcoholic, abusive father constantly made her feel low.However, Shweta's intense desire to study kept her going. When an NGO named Kranti arranged for her to apply to American universities, she was accepted by three universities for her bachelor's degree in psychology. Newsweek listed her as one of the 25 women under the age of 25 to watch out for, and she was eventually accepted to study at Bard College in New York. They offered her a $30,000 scholarship that covered her tuition fees for the year, as well as half her accommodation cost.

Shweta's story was inspiring, and she wanted to help others in her community follow a correct path. She had always struggled with low self-esteem and had never been interested in studying until a sex worker encouraged her to do so. Shweta wanted to clarify that her mother was not a sex worker, and it was wrong for the media to spread false news about her. Despite the challenges she faced, Shweta's story was one of resilience and determination.

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