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Surrogacy helps couple become parents after 13 years
RAIPUR: Amanpreet and Deepak (name changed) were childless even after 13 years of marriage. But thanks to a surrogate mother and the IVF technique, the couple are now the proud parents of twins.

Examination using a laparoscope showed that Amanpreet had medical complications and was unable to conceive. Dr Neeraj, an IVF expert here, who examined Amanpreet advised her to go in for a test tube baby, with egg donation from a donor and surrogacy. "A young surrogate mother was identified and after completing all the legal procedure, the IVF was done using the husband's sperms and the donor's eggs. Four embryos were made and transferred into the uterus of surrogate mother who conceived twins last month," the doctor said. Interacting with media persons on the occasion of Mother's Day, the surrogate mother, Neha (name changed) said, "I am happy that I have become a part of family's happiness." Admitting that she had been paid handsomely for the surrogacy, she said the money would help her educate her own two children.

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