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Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind: Umaria’s murdered scribe was involved in kidnapping: DGP (Episode 51 on 6th July 2013)

Sensational Murder of Journalist and Abduction Case in Bhopal

The special task force (STF) in Bhopal has made significant progress in solving the mystery behind the murder of journalist Chandrika Rai and his family in Umaria. Five individuals from Shahdol have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of a public works department (PWD) officer's son. The accused murdered Chandrika on suspicion that he possessed the ransom money intended for the release of the kidnapped child.

According to sources, the accused approached Chandrika to demand the ransom money, but he refused. This led to a confrontation between Rai and the kidnappers, resulting in a fatal attack using iron rods and other heavy objects. In order to eliminate witnesses, the accused also killed Chandrika's wife and two children. The investigation is ongoing to gather supporting evidence and confirm Chandrika's involvement, as claimed by the criminals.

The director general of police (DGP), SK Rout, is expected to make an official announcement regarding the case. Meanwhile, a three-member team from the Press Council of India (PCI) is set to visit Umaria to conduct a fact-finding investigation into the murders. The team aims to submit a report to the council promptly and has requested the cooperation of the Madhya Pradesh authorities for a thorough inquiry into the incident.

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