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Crime Patrol: Punjab acid attack victim Inderjit Kaur fights on for justice (Episode 267, 268 on 6th, 7th July 2013)



The Inside Story

Acid Attack Survivor's Struggle for Justice in Morinda, Punjab

Inderjit Kaur, a 24-year-old resident of Morinda, Punjab, has endured a harrowing journey since an acid attack changed her life in December of last year. After rejecting a marriage proposal, Manjit, a man from Zirakpur, threw acid on her, causing severe injuries. Inderjit, who lost one eye in the attack, has undergone multiple reconstruction surgeries and faced numerous challenges.

Despite her physical and emotional pain, Inderjit is determined to fight for justice. Her family spent Rs. 9 lakh on her surgeries and sought legal assistance. However, their first lawyer failed to file a case, and the second lawyer allegedly pressured them to reach a compromise with the perpetrator. Inderjit's resilience shines through as she vows to continue her battle, hoping to inspire other victims of acid attacks that are unfortunately prevalent in India.

Inderjit's mother, Manjit Kaur, expresses the family's dreams for their daughter, including further education and career prospects. However, the financial strain of ongoing treatment makes it increasingly difficult to pursue these aspirations. With the courts as their last resort, the family hopes for justice and a brighter future for Inderjit.

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