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Crime Patrol: Faridabad: Teenage son attempts to implicate father in a rape case to take revenge (Episode 277 on 2nd Aug 2013)

The Inside Story

Revenge Plot Unraveled: Teen Son Conspires to Implicate Father in False Rape Case

In a shocking turn of events, an 18-year-old boy from New Delhi hatched a plan to seek revenge against his father by falsely implicating him in a rape case. The teenager, identified as Harkesh, was reportedly upset with his father, Ashok, for mistreating his mother and neglecting the family. After serving time for a previous burglary in his own house, Harkesh conspired with his friend, Raza, and orchestrated a false complaint filed by Raza's wife.

The woman alleged that an unidentified man had offered her a lift in his car after visiting Nizamuddin Dargah. She claimed that the driver attempted to sexually assault her, stole her gold chain, and pushed her out of the car. However, police swiftly uncovered the plot and discovered that Harkesh had planted the stolen items in his father's car. Ashok, who had previously reported the burglary involving Harkesh and Raza, maintained his innocence throughout the investigation.

Further inquiries revealed that Harkesh's motive behind the conspiracy was to have his father imprisoned and take over his automobile parts manufacturing business. He had promised Raza and his wife a share in the business in exchange for their cooperation. The trio confessed to their role in manipulating the false case against Ashok, including coaching the woman on providing accurate details about Ashok's car and creating scratch marks on her own neck to bolster her story.

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