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New Delhi: Months after he was arrested for burglary in his own house, an 18-year-old boy allegedly made a plan to take revenge against his businessman father by implicating him in a rape case. However, within two days of a woman filing a complaint against his father of raping her, police managed to unravel the conspiracy.

The teenage son Harkesh was angry at his father, Ashok, for "beating his mother and being indifferent to family" and had warned him that he will implicate his father in a false case, police said. In December 2012, Harkesh and his friend Raza were arrested for the burglary in the former's house in Faridabad. Later, he hatched a conspiracy to implicate his father and made a woman, who was later identified as Raza's wife, to file a complaint that an unidentified man raped her after giving her lift in his car.

She had told police that she had visited Nizamuddin Dargah on Thursday night and was offered lift by a man in Honda car while she was waiting for a conveyance for her home in Faridabad. She alleged that the driver tried to sexually assault her. She said when she defended, he slapped her, snatched her gold chain from her neck, pushed her outside the car and ran away. Her mobile phone, which was on silent mode, her Aadhar card and her purse containing Rs 20,000 was left in the car, she alleged. During investigations, the owner of the car was identified as Ashok and the articles mentioned by the complainant was recovered from his car.
Harkesh was angry at his father, Ashok, for "beating his mother and being indifferent towards the family".

However, Ashok pleaded innocent and informed police about the burglary in his house in which his son and his friend were arrested. During investigation, it was found that the conspiracy was hatched by Harkesh to get his father lodged in jail and to grab his business of manufacturing of the automobile parts. It was Harkesh who had put the articles in the car. He had allegedly induced Raza (21) and his wife, promising to make them partners in the business.

"The woman told police that she was induced by Harkesh to make him partner in his father's business and to extort money for making compromise in the court of law in the present case and amount was projected about Rs 8 to 10 lakh and the same will be distributed among the trio.

"She herself made scratch marks on her neck before reporting to police. She gave the description of Ashok on the basis of photograph shown to her by Harkesh," police said. She also operated her ATM Card at SBI ATM Nizamuddin and made two phone calls to her grandmother on the directions of Harkesh to show her presence at the relevant time at Nizamuddin.

"Harkesh also directed her to disclose model and color of the car of his father correctly and incomplete number of car to police so that the police could not doubt her version," the report said. "The trio have confessed that they had manipulated and lodged false and frivolous police case against Ashok," police said.

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