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Crime Patrol: Teacher pays student to kill wife, chop and dump body (Episode 274 on 26th July 2013)

The Inside Story

Shocking Crime: College Principal and Accomplices Arrested for Brutal Murder in Nalasopara

In a gruesome incident that unfolded in Nalasopara East, Mumbai, a college principal, Amarjeet Singh, along with a former student and the student's friend, was arrested for the murder of Singh's wife. The body was horrifically dismembered and the parts were dumped at different locations. The motive behind the murder, according to the police, was Singh's suspicion that his wife was checking his cellphone and suspecting him of having affairs with his students.

Singh enlisted the help of his former student, Akbarali Warsi, paying him Rs 50,000 to carry out the killing. On the pretense of a surprise, Singh called his wife, Kiran, from his college and instructed her to meet Warsi. Kiran, knowing Warsi, willingly went along and was taken to a flat in Santosh Bhuvan, Nalasopara East, where Warsi's accomplice, Rajaram Das, was waiting. In an unconscious state due to the administration of chloroform, Kiran was brutally murdered by having her head severed and her body dismembered.

The police recovered Kiran's head after receiving calls from individuals who stumbled upon it in an isolated marshy area. Amarjeet, feigning ignorance, filed a missing complaint, but his involvement in the crime was soon discovered through phone taps and his communication with Warsi. The police suspect that Amarjeet may have had inappropriate relationships with his female students, as he had received obscene messages from them. The investigation continues to uncover the full extent of the case and the possible involvement of others in the disposal of the body.

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