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Crime Patrol: Dowry case: Woman allegedly raped, sold for Rs. 50,000 (Episode 289, 290 - 30, 31 August 2013)



The Inside Story

Woman Allegedly Raped and Tortured for Dowry, Sold for Rs. 50,000

Sagar, Madhya Pradesh: A 21-year-old woman from Madhdevra village in Sagar district was subjected to repeated rape and torture by her husband's relatives and acquaintances in a horrifying dowry-related incident. According to the police, the victim's ordeal began shortly after her marriage in 2005, when her husband and his family began pressuring her to provide a cash dowry of Rs. 1 lakh.

The victim was allegedly forced to live in deplorable conditions in her husband's village, where she became a target for Guddu Maharaj, an acquaintance who took advantage of her situation and raped her. When her health deteriorated, her husband left her in the care of his relative, Ram Singh Kurmi, who, along with his sons Narendra and Lokendra, also sexually exploited her.

In a shocking turn of events, the victim was reportedly sold for Rs. 50,000 to Dwarika Prasad of Mahuna village. Prasad, too, allegedly raped her, further worsening her condition. Despite being sent for medical treatment with Kharak Singh, she was subjected to further abuse. Fortunately, she managed to inform her father about her ordeal, leading to her rescue and the filing of a police complaint.

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