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Crime Patrol: Film tickets help cops nab killers (Episode 291 on September 7, 2013)

The Inside Story

Wadala Police Crack Murder Case with Two Movie Tickets

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Wadala Police embarked on a month-long chase, armed with only two movie tickets as evidence, which led them from a rundown movie theatre to a red-light district and eventually to the hometown of a murder suspect. The body of an unidentified man was discovered near Reay Road station, and the two movie tickets found on the victim became crucial clues in the investigation.

Police traced the tickets back to Nishad Theatre in Nagpada and learned that the patrons of the theater often included laborers who frequented the adjacent areas known for prostitution. They distributed the victim's photograph to sex workers in the vicinity, and after seven days, a prostitute identified the victim as a plumber named Khan. Anurud Ali, a friend of the victim from Murshidabad district in West Bengal, provided further information.

Anurud revealed that he had seen Khan with a plumber who had a broken leg and that the individual frequented a country bar in Nagpada. The police set a trap at the bar, and one of the suspects confessed to the crime after consuming alcohol. The quartet, including the victim, had been drinking together when Khan revealed that he had a significant amount of cash. The others decided to murder Khan and steal the money.

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