The Inside Story
The Police arrested the wife of builder Jagdish Verma, whose body was found in the Bhatsa river in Shahpur last week, on Wednesday. According to the police, Sonal Verma (36) along with her paramour killed Jagdish so that they could live together.

Jagdish (38), a resident of the Vartak Nagar area in Thane, was reported missing Thursday last week. His brother-in-law had registered a missing person's complaint with the Vartak Nagar police, saying that he did not return from his morning walk. On Saturday, his body was found in Shahpur. Following this, the Shahpur police registered a murder complaint.

Meanwhile, the Vartak Nagar police had recorded Sonal's statement and also made inquiries with Jagdish's relatives and friends. During the investigation, police received a tip-off that Sonal was involved in Jagdish's disappearance.

"After receiving the tip-off, we worked on it and detained Sonal for questioning. After further questioning, she broke down and confessed to have been involved in the murder along with three others," said an officer with the Vartak Nagar police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Balasaheb Patil, Zone V, Thane added that the motive behind the murder was to eliminate Jagdish so that Sonal could live with her paramour. "Sonal was in a relationship with one Santosh Singh (37) since 1997. In 2002, she had to marry Jagdish. Jagdish knew about her affair with Santosh and would constantly taunt her about it, which led to bitter fights between the couple. Sonal finally told Santosh that she was not able to tolerate the mental torture anymore, and he suggested that she comes and live with him. The duo then decided to kill Verma," said Patil.

In the early hours Thursday last week, Santosh with two of his friends, went to Verma's residence and Sonal let them in. The four then overpowered Verma and stabbed him in the head with a dagger repeatedly. They stuffed his body in a jute sack and loaded it in his car. The four then drove the car to Shahpur, where they tied an iron rod weighing over 100 kilograms and threw it into the Bhatsa river, where locals spotted the body two days later.

Sonal, Santosh and one of their two accomplices, identified as Mahesh Badkamkar (35) were arrested after Sonal's confession. They have been charged with murder, attempting to destroy evidence and criminal conspiracy under the IPC. They will be produced in court on Thursday, police said.

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