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Crime Branch officials on Friday arrested three persons, including a woman, in connection with the murder of the mother of an angadia firm owner. The woman was allegedly murdered by the parents of her daughter-in-law on her (daughter-in-law’s) instigation. Cops arrested 64-year-old Somabhai Patel, 61-year old Aruna Patel, both residents of Krishna Estate Flats and 60- year old Devendra Hetkar.

The flat belongs to Hetkar and was let out to Somabhai. Hetkar lives in the same locality. On July 13, Kamla, mother of Narendra alias Raju Patel who lives at Shahi Kutir in Shahibaug, went missing from her home. On July 23, her body was found near D Cabin railway level crossing in Kaligam. Sector I JCP J K Bhatt and Sector II JCP Manoj Shashidharan told media persons that the operation to nab the culprits was conducted jointly by Crime Branch and Shahibaug police.

Inspector B M Desai and sub-inspector J N Zala got a tipoff and intercepted the three of them near Hirawadi Char-rasta, Memco while they were travelling in a car.” “It is suspected that Dipali, Kamla’s daughter-in-law, got her murdered. Dipali believed that Kamla had wealth running into crores but she never gave money even for routine household expenses. She presented the situation before her parents and also told them that Kamla dominated and harassed her,” said a police source. Dipali’s parents were convinced of her story and hatched a conspiracy to kill Kamla. They were assisted in this by Hetkar, the source said. “As per the plan, Dipali took Kamla to Elite Flats in Shahibaug. There her parents took control of her and brought her to their residence in an Alto. Then Somabhai and Hetkar gagged and choked her to death,” added the police source.

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Daughter-in-law planned Kamla Patel's murder - City-Ahmedabad

Cops had recovered the decomposed body of Kamla Patel, who used to live with her son Raju and daughter-in-law in Shahibaug

Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) on Friday claimed to have solved the high-profile Kamla Patel murder case.

On July 23, cops had recovered the decomposed body of Kamla Patel, 55, who used to live with her son Raju and daughter-in-law Dipali in Shahikutir bungalow in Shahibaug.

DCB revealed that Dipali master-minded the murder of her mother-in-law and took help of her parents, who killed Patel at her house in Naroda on July 13 and threw her body near D-cabin in Sabarmati area.
The police have also arrested Dipali's father, Soma Patel, 64, mother Aruna Patel, 61, and their tenant Devendra Hetkar. Investigations revealed that Dipali had asked her parents to get rid of Patel. As Dipali is still in hospital, she has not been arrested.

According to DCB, Dipali's parents admitted that their daughter was not happy with Patel and alleged that Patel was a nagging mother-in-law and did not give freedom to Dipali to run the household. Cops have also recovered the ornaments and the Alto car as evidences.

On July 13, Raju had filed a missing report with the Shahibaug police claiming that his mother had gone to a tailor shop in the afternoon and didn't return home. Since Patel, a widow, was owner of a well-known angadia firm, cops suspected property dispute behind her disappearance.

However, things became murkier when her body was found 10 days later. It was suspected that some family member, particularly Dipali, was involved in the murder. When police started questioning her she claimed innocence and alleged police atrocities. Later she consumed poison. Since then Dipali hasn't recovered and is still undergoing treatment in hospital.

Police said that Dipali hatched a plan to kill Patel. On July 13, Dipali convinced Patel to meet her parents to see some embroidery designs created by her mother. In the afternoon, Dipali dropped Patel at a nearby road, where her parents came in Hetkar's car. There they picked up Patel and went to their house in Krushnanagar in Naroda.

Before committing the crime, Dipali's parents went to Swaminarayan temple. In the house Hetkar and Somabhai strangulated Patel to death and dumped her body in jute bags. At night they took her body to D-Cabin and threw it in a water filed pit.

When cops failed to recover the body, Dipali realised the need to draw attention of the police. She did so in a bid to speed up the process of becoming the legal successor of Patel's property. Thus, Hetkar sent a handwritten anonymous letter to Shahibaug police giving details of the location where the body had been dumped.

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