The Inside Story
NEW DELHI: In a case of abduction, Delhi Police has arrested four people and a hunt is on for the other four.

The incident dates back to December 22 last year when a woman employee - also the mastermind of the gang - connived with her boyfriend and two employees to kidnap her boss for a ransom of Rs 2 crore. They also hired four professional criminals at a contract of Rs 1 crore. Following this, the victim was taken to a farmhouse, sedated and kept in confinement till the ransom was divided.

While Sunil Rathee, Krishan, Ravi Hooda and Sandeep Sharma alias Pandit have been arrested by the crime branch, a hunt is on for Shivika Chauhan, her boyfriend, Arun Vohra and two others, Manish Kumar alias Sunny and Raj Walia. They all worked with the victim, Saurabh Ahuja, at his Pitampura office.

"The arrested men are from Haryana and were nabbed by a team led by ACP K P S Malhotra. While Rathee is involved in other cases also, Krishan is a national-level Kabaddi player, Hooda a graduate, and Sharma is a hotel management student," said Ravindra Yadav, addl commissioner (crime branch).

The incident came to the notice of police on December 25 after Ahuja was released on the promise of paying more money. In his statement, Ahuja told police that Manish went to his guest house in Shalimar Bagh on December 22 after saying that he was unwell. "Shivika told me that I should also visit him. But as I reached there, the four overpowered me and sedated me by forcing the drug down my throat. I was beaten up and held captive, along with my friends."

Thereafter, Ahuja was asked to make phone calls to his bank managers and family members to get Rs 2 crore as ransom. He was allegedly forced to pay Rs 18 lakh in cash immediately. "The accused played a trick on Ahuja by making him borrow Rs 80 lakh from his two colleagues (who were also partners in crime). Raj Walia and Arun pretended as if they were giving the money on Ahuja's behalf and he was thereafter released," said DCP Bhisham Singh. Police is now raiding places in Dehradun to nab the others.

Delhi: abduction drama staged by businessmen; four arrested

New Delhi: A couple and their two associates roped in professional kidnappers and allegedly got themselves abducted along with a businessman friend so that they can get a part of the ransom.

According to the police, the whole plot was hatched by Arun Vohra, Shivika Chauhan, Sunny and Raj Walia. Vohra was having an affair with Shivika Chauhan and they realized that the kidnapping of a businessman by the name of Saurabh Ahuja would yield a large ransom. A conspiracy was hatched along with Sunny and Raju Walia to get the kidnapping underway.

The four kidnappers sought the help of criminals involved in kidnappings in the past.

"The gang kidnapped Saurabh Ahuja, a businessman in Shalimar Bagh, and demanded a ransom of Rs. 2 crore. The money was to be divided equally between the conspirators and the actual kidnappers. The conspirators pretended that they have also been kidnapped and have paid ransom amount to free themselves," said Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav.

A case in this regard was registered at Shalimar Bagh police station concerning the kidnapping of Mr Ahuja from his house in Shalimar Bagh.

Mr Ahuja, the complainant, has reported that he was kidnapped by 4-5 persons from his house along with his friends Manish, alias Sunny, and Shivika Chauhan and was confined to a room and beaten up, police said.

He was asked to make phone calls to his bank managers and family members to collect the money to pay the ransom of Rs. 2 crore. They forced him to pay Rs. 18 lakh in cash. Later, as part of the plan to extort more money, they brought his other colleagues, namely Raj Walia and Arun Vohra and took a ransom amount of Rs. 80 lakh from Walia.

"But he later realized that actually the main conspiracy was planned by his colleagues and they were pretending to have been also kidnapped. Later on, it was revealed that they were not kidnapped and they were the real conspirators," said Yadav.

The co-conspirators, Sunil Rathee (30), a resident of Bahadurgarh, Haryana, Krishan (22) a resident of Rohtak, Haryana who is a national level kabbadi player, Ravi Hooda (22), Sandeep Sharma alias Pandit (21) both residents of Rohtak were arrested by the Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Friday while Arun Vohra, Shivika Chauhan, Sunny and Raj Walia are still on the run, said Mr Yadav.