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Crime Patrol: Four held for abducting businessman for 2cr ransom (Episode 360 on 25th Apr 2014)

The Inside Story

New Delhi, India

Abduction Drama Unveiled: Four Arrested

In a shocking turn of events, Delhi Police apprehended four individuals in connection with an abduction case. The incident occurred on December 22 last year when a female employee, the mastermind of the gang, conspired with her boyfriend and two colleagues to kidnap her boss for a hefty ransom of ₹2 crore. Additionally, they enlisted the help of four professional criminals, offering them ₹1 crore. The victim was taken to a farmhouse, sedated, and held captive until the ransom was divided.

The arrested individuals, Sunil Rathee, Krishan, Ravi Hooda, and Sandeep Sharma alias Pandit, were captured by the crime branch. However, the search continues for Shivika Chauhan, her boyfriend Arun Vohra, and two others named Manish Kumar alias Sunny and Raj Walia. All of them were associated with the victim, Saurabh Ahuja, at his Pitampura office.

The incident came to light on December 25 when Ahuja was released on the promise of paying a larger sum of money. Ahuja recounted his ordeal, revealing that he was lured to a guest house by Manish under the pretense of illness. However, upon arrival, he was overpowered, drugged, and held captive alongside his friends. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of ₹2 crore and extorted ₹18 lakh in cash. The investigation is ongoing, with police conducting raids in Dehradun to apprehend the remaining suspects.


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